Our DAC technology is deliberately designed for scale and is fully tuned towards the renewable grid of the future.
Using electricity, water and salt, we capture CO2 from ambient air to produce a highly pure CO2 gas, used for either permanent storage or as a precursor to CO2-negative chemicals.


Compatible with renewables

We leverage intermittent renewables, thanks to our unique acid/base storage mechanism.

Our DAC technology can be fully powered by renewables, with almost no additional battery storage, still capturing CO2 24/7.


Our secret sauce - the Hydrolyzer

Our core innovation is our Hydrolyzer, producing acids and bases at fundamentally lower cost than comparable approaches.

Inspired by recent innovation in Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells and electrolyzers, our cell architecture is designed to allow for industrial-sized stacks.

We use it for DAC, but acids and bases are the building block for a wide range of carbon removal and abatement applications such as critical mineral mining, ocean alkalinity enhancement or point source capture in aluminum.


Designed for scale

We leverage existing supply chains and require no bespoke parts.
The cell architecture is designed to allow for industrial-sized stacks, and the components of this modular system are readily available and industry-proven, making the process ultra scalable.