Verified carbon removal credits

Remove unavoidable CO2 emissions with permanent and verified DAC removal credits

Why DAC as a choice for Carbon Removal?


Removed once and forever. 1000+ years of permanence.


Giving you the certainty you need when buying carbon removals. Third-party verified by Isometric.



Removing through your mandate.


Building on the shoulders of giants

We're building the scale you're looking for faster than anyone else. Our innovation leverages technology that already exists to deliver on time and in scope. 

Seamlessly integrate our tech into your existing supply chains to make an effective contribution to your net-zero goal.

You benefit from affordability, together with the flexibility to adapt to varying geographical needs, maximizing efficiency and environmental impact.


At Phlair you get


Price is your most important factor. It`s ours, too. Project Dawn will already deliver credits for <$400/tCO2. Long term, we will achieve costs of <$100/tCO2.


Isometric-approved. Where open systems work with statistics, uncertainty and buffer pools, we and our partners simply guarantee your credit, as is. Avoid negative press and greenwashing.

No negative side effects

Our only inputs are renewable electricity and salt. We look after our surroundings just as well as you look after the climate.

01Electra 01

Our first of a kind DAC plant with our storage partner Paebbl to deliver carbon removal credits to early customers such as Shopify, Stripe and Klarna.

260 tCO2 | Q2 2025 | Rotterdam