Beyond DAC

Discover the power of acids and bases.

Replace conventional industrial processes with a cheaper, cleaner alternative.


Point source capture in aluminum: Explore how our technology can be used for low-diluted point sources.


Ocean alkalinity enhancement and Direct Ocean Capture: Explore how to use our acid/base generating hydrolizer for your project.


Critical mineral mining: Explore whether our acids match your requirements for clean mining operations.


Acids and bases as the building block for carbon removal and abatement applications

Aside from DAC, our system works well for point-diluted sources such as aluminum.

You can also use our core technology in a standalone fashion for the production of acids and bases. The hydrolizer produces acids and bases at fundamentally lower costs than comparable processes such as chloralkali electrolysis.

Speak to us to explore how you can leverage our hydrolyzer technology for acid/base production in applications such as critical mineral mining or ocean alkalinity enhancement.

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20tCO2/year pilot process at our facilities in Ismaning, Germany.