CO2 as a feedstock

Procure DAC-sourced CO2 for CO2-negative chemicals.

Why use DAC sourced CO2?


Be a pioneer

Contribute to a better environment whilst offering clean products to your customers.


Competitive pricing

Discover for which chemicals DAC-sourced CO2 comes with no green premium.


Modular & onsite

Our modular-sized plants can match the exact CO2 need that you have at your specific location. No expensive compression or transport required. All in once place.


The power of CO2 utilization

Switch to DAC-sourced CO2 and replace grey CO2 at an even lower cost. Procure affordable, fossil-free CO2 for your production of beverages, eSAF, methane or methanol.

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10 tCO2 | Late 2024 | Ismaning